Drug Regulatory & Pharma Consultants
Rifa Pharma
Rifa Pharma is a company based in New Delhi. The company is a team of experts that have come together with their vast assemblage of skills, The members have worked for years in pharmaceutical field and have gained knowledge and

Experience in the field of regulations applicable to drug manufacturing, imports and exports. The experiences has come from manufacturing, distribution and involvement in export and import procedures.

The team is an active work force that is propelled with great vigor and zeal. That is the secret of our success in providing constant service that have increased our client list by leaps and bounds. Thanks to our dedication we continue to grow and add new dimensions to our services every year.

We also provide services for
  • Blood Bank and Blood Product Registration
  • NOC for Import of Half finished or Raw materials
  • Loan Licensing
  • Legalization of Export/Import documents
  • Neutral Code Licensing