Medical Devices Services

Rifa Pharma provides comprehensive services relating to marketing of medical devices in India. As consultancy in medical devices Rifa plays a key role as their usage is rapidly increasing in the country. We are active in all spheres of activities relating to medical devices.

We assist Indian and global concerns - manufacturers and distributors - in marketing their products all over the country. Registration of Medical Devices and the manufacturing or marketing firms is necessary in order to market products in India. Rifa Pharma provides full assistance in medical devices registration process using their expertise as regulatory consultants.

Our major efforts crosses over to cutting down time and cost in order to speed launch your products in various markets of India. In a highly competitive scenario time is crucial and our expertise leads to complete compliance on all formalities concerning medical devices and drugs.

We also provide services for
  • Blood Bank and Blood Product Registration
  • NOC for Import of Half finished or Raw materials
  • Loan Licensing
  • Legalization of Export/Import documents
  • Neutral Code Licensing