Rifa Pharma - FDA Regulatory Services

The US Drug Market is regulated by many standards and quality norms. In order to successfully export and market drugs in US FDA compliance is an absolute must.

FDA in India is constantly monitoring drug development meant for market authorization in US. Rifa Pharma is active in obtaining approvals and permissions for export to USA. Registration & compliance is the primary goal for manufacturers following good manufacturing practices or GMP.

We assist in fulfilling FDA regulatory requirements like NPPA, DGCI - Pharma Registration, Manufacturing permission and Imports.

Fulfilling FDA requirements encompasses a wide of activities. We are professionally capable of managing all activities concerned for our clients including interaction with foreign agents. The scope covers not only medical devices but cosmetics as well.

We also provide services for
  • Blood Bank and Blood Product Registration
  • NOC for Import of Half finished or Raw materials
  • Loan Licensing
  • Legalization of Export/Import documents
  • Neutral Code Licensing